Integral Tai Chi

Integral Tai Chi (CK10) is a series of exercises, relaxation technique and meditation that combine Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and meditation into a self-healing system that integrates body, mind and spirit. This comprehensive approach involves a series of 10 body movement postures each designed to increase balance, awareness, endurance, flexibility, flow, concentration, energy and spiritual transformation.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Integral Taichi Introduction


The Ten Divinities of Heaven and Earth

CK 10 is the acronym for Can Khon Thap Linh (The Ten Divinities of Heaven and Earth). It is also known as Integral Tai Chi (ITC), and comprises a set of ten holistic exercise movements taught by Master Ce Hang Truong (Hang Cheng). The ten movements or forms are:
  1. Can (Chien -- Heaven)
  2. Toad
  3. Ox
  4. Crane
  5. Dragon
  6. Phoenix
  7. Tiger
  8. Butterfly
  9. Tortoise
  10. Khon (Kun -- Earth).
Each form is associated with a chakra (energy centers) located in front of and along the human spine, starting with the base chakra at the end of the tail bone, and ending at the crown chraka at the top of the head. Each movement is designed to transmute the energy at various chakras to bring health benefits as well as spiritual/mental transformation.

The Seven Main Chakras (Energy Centers)
CK 10 exercises start with warm up movements including yoga stretching, to be followed by the ten forms that generate energy along the chakras, and ended with the corpse pose and meditation. The corpse pose is essential as the way to store the energy generated through the exercises. Finally sitting meditation transforms the energy.


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